We offer a complete array of real estate inspection services for Seattle, WA home buyers and businesses.

Buyer's Home Inspections

A buyer's inspection is initiated by the home buyer usually as a contingency to the final close of a real estate sale...

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Maintenance Inspections

Also called a "Home Health Check-up", preventative maintenance inspections are performed usually once per year...

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Even the most observant and vigilant homeowner can overlook and forget to maintain certain aspects of their homes. The variety of materials, parts, and details that go into a healthy and functioning home can be overwhelming with so much to cover.

This can be a problem because even the most minor issues overlooked, can turn into a major problem if left unchecked. Our professional home maintenance inspection steps in to provide expertise, knowledge, and experience.

What is a Maintenance Inspection?

A home maintenance inspection is a proactive approach to maintain the value of your property and keep your family safe. Also called a "Home Health Check-up", preventative maintenance inspections are performed usually once per year simply to ensure the integrity and safety of a home's systems and structure.

This is what is included in your annual home maintenance inspection:

• roof system, including the chimney & all roof penetrations;
• gutters & downspouts;
• grading & drainage;
• walkways & driveway;
• garage doors, safety sensors & openers;
• exterior cladding;
• deck, stoops, porches & railings;
• windows & doors;
• attic, insulation & ventilation;
• heating system;
• cooling system;
• plumbing system;
• drainage sump pump with accessible float;
• electrical system;
• fireplace damper door & hearth;
• ceilings, floors & walls;
• basement, foundation & crawlspace;
• and much more!
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Without a trained eye and the proper tools, small problems on your property can be unidentified and left alone. Our services are directed to help you identify, diagnose, and recommend repairs that need to be done to your home. Nothing last forever and all things have a planned obsolescence period. Maintenance inspections help to make the homeowner aware of immediate and upcoming needs for replacement and repair that could save thousands-of-dollars if discovered early-on. We can even refer you to the correct services to fix any issues that you may have to your home.

When to Have My House Inspected?

There are no wrong times to have your home inspected. However, an annual home checkup is especially recommended after inclement weather such as strong winds, excessive rain, extended periods of drought, unusual freezing, or blizzard-like conditions. A small hole in your roof can lead to a small and unnoticed leak. After a few rainstorms, that small leakage can turn into a major water problem, potentially causing mold and health issues later. A home inspection would have found that small hole and a little preventative roof patching to cover the hole would have mitigated that the snowball effect of the resulting problems.

An annual home inspection has home insurance benefits too. By identifying your home’s problems early on, you mitigate the need to file an insurance claim because the chances of damage risk go way down. QuoteWizard, an insurance comparison site, says that filing even one insurance claim can raise your rates by upwards of 20 percent. By having an annual home inspection, you are reducing your risk as an insurance customer.

With lower posed risk, you can also negotiate better monthly insurance rates. By proving you are taking proactive steps by hiring our inspection services, you can tangibly show that you are being responsible which will give you home insurance discounts. Just give your insurance company a notice and documentation that you hired our inspection services and negotiate a better monthly premium.

The value of a home maintenance inspection is invaluable. You are protecting your family from health and liability issues within your home, while also maintaining the value of your home. You can also receive home insurance benefits. Contact us today to discover how we can help you with your home.

Commercial Inspections

Business operators, commercial property managers, and commercial real estate buyers have to deal with damage...

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

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